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The industry of sports betting in Africa has developed a lot. Begin now your journey!


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Sports betting industry in Africa

The industry of sports betting in Africa has become a great hobby for the players from the African continent. Let’s discover together the advantages of gambling!

We’re going to concentrate on more sports in Africa. Moreover, there are more sportsbooks than before, which means that your betting options are more and more diverse.


The betting on football is among the most popular sports betting in Africa. That’s why a lot of sportsbooks offer a great variety of markets in what concerns football. The bettors may place a bet on the final result of the game.

The biggest sportsbooks have a great variety of football betting options for you. You may bet on Asian Handicaps, the total goals, the red cards etc. Moreover, you may also bet on the team that will win.

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Rugby is equally a very popular sport for the African people. A lot of bettors rather bet on rugby than on football. One of the betting options on rugby includes the total points of the game. By using this type of betting, the players try to foresee the final result of the game.

There are a lot of sportsbooks in Africa that offer live rugby betting. One of these sportsbooks is 1win. 

Other sports

As we have already said, the sports betting industry has developed a lot during the last years in Africa. There is the possibility to bet on sports and eSports such as:

SportAvailable at online sportsbooks?
Mortal Kombat

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In conclusion, the sports betting industry in Africa is a great hobby for African players. It is possible that you might find your favorite sport on 1win, so register now!


How to choose my sportsbook?

To choose your online sportsbook, you have to consider multiple options, such as: its reputation, odds and the ease to bet.

Why choose 1win?

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How to get the 1win bonus?

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