Online sports betting evolution

Let’s see together the evolution of online sports betting. Choose now 1win sportsbook and get a great welcome bonus!


  1. What is sports betting?
  2. The development of the industry
  3. Conclusion
  4. FAQ

What is sports betting?

Online sports betting is a form of gambling. That implies betting on the results of a match or sporting events. The bettor chooses the final result, such as the winner of a match and places a bet on an online sportsbook. If the result is correct, the bettor gains some money. However, if the prediction is not correct, he loses the betted amount.

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Sports betting can be made on a variety of sports, such as:

SportDisponible chez les bookmakers?
eSports in general

There are more types of markets when it comes to sports betting. For example, you may bet pre match or live, watching the match.

Even if bets can be placed physically, at a physical sportsbook, online sport betting has become increasingly popular.

The development of online sports betting

The sports betting industry has grown a lot, especially in the online environment, since its apparition (1990). Let’s see together its development:


In conclusion, the sports betting industry has grown a lot during the past years. This includes better sportsbooks, better odds and sports betting conditions. Begin now your journey with 1win!


How to play online at sports betting?

To play online at sportsbooks, you have to choose a safe sportsbook. After that, register, make a deposit and begin playing.

Why play at sports betting?

Sports betting may be a great hobby. Moreover, if you use a promo code you might increase the amount of your bankroll.

Is 1win a good sportsbook?

Yes, 1win is a good online sportsbook. They offer a lot of gambling games and you can bet there on any sport.

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